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AWESEMS is a modern, young and dynamic company with a clear ambition and mission; With our End2End solutions, AWESEMS makes it easy for the European EV driver to Charge, have full insight in the used Services and Cost everywhere and anytime on any device. We do this by offering innovative services that matter, have a clear value for the EV driver and contributes to accelerate Sustainability. You and accelerating Sustainability are in the center of everything we do at AWESEMS! We will make sure our intelligent Charging Solutions, Services, Software and Awesems Charging Passes are embedded with cutting edge innovations and technology.


As we think about accelerating Sustainability of our World, we also think about the Sustainability of AWESEMS. Of course we use Green Energy at our office and we make use of electric transportation when we are on the move. Furthermore we almost have a paperless office as our processes are fully digital.  AWESEMS works with partners and it is important for us that our partners have embedded Sustainabiity in their proceses as well.

Sustainability runs through the entire chain at AWESEMS.


Innovation is in our DNA. We like the challenge and we will always explores new ways that will help us in achieving our ambition and mission. Through innovation, we will be able to make things easier and better for you, your company and the acceleration to further sustain our society. We will always adapt the newest and proven technology for hard/software, embrace new and better methodologies and develop new eco-systems.

Together we innovate, so challenge us!


Our Story


AWESEMS is a modern, young and dynamic company that has a strong focus on the  European market for EV drivers including the Charging Point Infrastructure. As a Charge Point Operator (CPO), AWESEMS delivers End2End Smart eMobility Solutions for Consumers, Businesses and (Semi) Governments in all European countries. AWESEMS continues to build and extend AWESEMS Network Infrastructure (ANI) of Charge Points throughout Europe. With ANI we are able to further shape our ambition and mission.

The world is becoming a more sustainable place to live. Solar and Wind Power are embedded already in our society and so will be eMobility. AWESEMS is actively involved in delivering a substantial contribution to embed eMobility in Europe. We have passionate people with different technological backgrounds to help develop and execute our ambition/mission with cutting edge Technology and Eco-Systems.

With everything we do at AWESEMS, our central focus will always be the EV Driver and accelerating Sustainability. It is our strong believe that this is the way to comply and reach beyond the objectives and tagets from (semi) Governments, Businesses and Consumers. AWESEMS strenght is the ability to build these bridges as it suits perfectly our innovative DNA.

AWESEMS highly values reliability, openness and transparancy. This not only applies to all our offered solutions to you or your organisation, it also applies  engaging in our business relationship.  All that matters needs to be clear for you, your organisation and for us. This is a distinct part of our ‘AWESEMS Experience!’




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